Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brinsea Advance Autoturn Mini Incubator: 7 Egg

Brinsea Advance Autoturn Mini Incubator: 7 Egg

Watch your eggs hatch, every time ... The Brinsea Mini incubator is a small, high quality, low cost, egg incubator combining ease of use, performance and exceptional value. The Mini Advance provides the essential environmental control necessary for successful egg hatching . The clear walls of the egg chamber allow for visibility of the hatching eggs without lifting the lid and the fan-assisted design coupled with detailed airflow analysis results exceptionally even heating of the eggs. The Mini Advance provides automatic egg turning with autostop 2 days prior to hatching, countdown to date-of-hatch and temperature alarms on its digital display so you will always know the status of your hatch. Eggs are turned by rotating egg disks. Humidity is provided for with central water reservoirs and the incubator operates at low voltage (from mains adapters supplied) for safety. Advance control system. The Brinsea Mini Advance incorporates digital micro-control which allows the user to manage incubator functions via a simple menu on the digital display. In normal operation the display shows incubation temperature, days to hatch and turning status. Opening the menu allows the user to adjust incubation temperature, the unit (�C or �F), turning interval, turning angle, number of days your eggs take to hatch and high and low temperature alarm limits. The Brinsea Mini incubators are designed to use for the education of children although they are not toys and should be used only under adult supervision. Maximum egg Capacities (approx): Hen 7 Duck 7 - Specs: Power 18 Watts Max, 12 Watts typical average. Dimensions H x D (6.5" x 8") Electrical supply 115V 60Hz

  • Ease of use - exceptional performance
  • Fantastic visibility
  • Fan driven air flow
  • Digital mini control
  • Automatic egg turning

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